Love Nonna's Avocado Smash for Breakfast?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

I do! so I want to share how you can make it at home. What is different at Nonna's Avocado smash? First of all the bread. We use a round Caramelised onion Foccacia. Wild Wheat Bakery has a beautiful focaccia.

Place the focaccia in the oven and start the avocado smash.

In a bowl smash the avocado but leave big bites of the fruit ( don't make it a pure).Slice the smoked salmon and add it to the avocado. Salt and pepper, a few drops of lemon and it's so yum.

Place the focaccia on the plate and add the baby spinach on top.

On top of the baby spinach add the smash.

Cut some cherry tomatoes and some red onion and sprinkle them on the smash.

Finish with a nice slice of lemon.

And the most famous breakfast in town is served just like Nonna would serve it!

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