I had never been a fan of Coffee. When I went out I would always get a frappe or a soda. That until my first trip to Italy.

I remember with love our friend Mario. A classic italic from Perugia, born and raised. Now a 70 years Italian with a coffee routine. Every morning he would order at the bar one espresso. Gone in 30 seconds!Than in the afternoon another visit to the bar but now we would get to sit at the bar for 2 minutes. Same one espresso but this time with one cannolo or one gelato. My dear friend I miss your expression with every espresso. It was like you lived every day so you can have another espresso the next day.

When I sourced the coffee for Nonna I looked for a particular taste and smell.

Now every time I make the coffee or just the smell of it reminds me of Mario and his love for espresso.

I looked for a medium rost Ethiopian or Peruvian with chocolate notes that would satisfy every espresso lover and latte lover.

I was reading that coffee has benefits for the brain. Add some MCT Oil and you get a bullet Proof coffee. I don't know about that. That's not why I drink my coffee or because I can't leave without it, or give's me energy to start my day.

Is because it brigs up memories! Memories of beautiful places, people and relaxing times when I had nowhere to hurry. Brings back Mario's expresion "Dolce far niente"

Why do you drink your coffee?

Come and try Nonna's coffee and also try Dolce far niente=literally: the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it. Nothingness is that pleasant experience of enjoying time going by, letting your thoughts taking over… I guess it’s very much the Italian mentality. No stress, no pressure, nothing matters; just live in the moment, a ‘doing nothing’ moment.Come and enjoy our coffee!

Nonna's organic coffee beans

Notes of black forest chocolate & plum sweetness with a smooth rounded body. Lingering milk chocolate finish.

Acidity: Medium/high – Granny Smith apple

Body: Low/medium – Round and Smooth

Make Up: FTO Colombia, FTO Peru

FTO Guatemala, FTO Ethiopia Guji

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